Mongolia Travel Destination – The Silk Roads of Asia

August 17, 2021

Mongolia is one of the last frontiers of the world. It’s a once in lifetime opportunity, which you wouldn’t regret it for anything. Not only that, but having such a unique experience as you have now, is something that you will always cherish, always want to repeat, simply because it’s so different from anything else that you’ve ever seen. You’ve basically gotten a real head start when it comes to travel, when it’s all said and done. And you’re about to take it even further with this particular experience.

Have you ever heard of the so-called Mongols? The name is derived from the Mongols, who were the rulers of the Golden Horde. They were also the robbers of China, along with the Asian steppes, plus the turn tribes, plus the yurus. You’ve probably heard about the brave and daring Mongol warriors, their amazing prowess, their courage, their steel will, their legendary reputation, plus all of the glory they brought to the realm. It’s a name that carries an unflattering reputation, but for those who’ve never experienced the Mongolia Steppe, or the Mongols themselves, this is an opportunity they won’t forget, not in a hurry, not ever again.

For any adventure seekers, a Mongolia trek is without a doubt the most memorable experience of their life. This is a journey where you’ll be by your lonesome, surrounded by nature, no cell phones, no televisions, no telephones, no maps, no one to guide you, no maps, no one to save your life, no one to console you, no one to caress you at night when you are feeling down and all your energy is going towards the task ahead of you. This is an opportunity that will test your mettle, that will challenge you to your very core. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. If this is something you think you’re not up to, take a moment to consider the following brief review of the life-time opportunity of the Mongols.

The Mongolian Steppe represents some of the most untouched terrain in the world. There are pristine rivers, vast open plains, massive taorudai ranges, beautiful jungles, mammoths, Gypsy caravan rides, and deserts. Inhabited since the 7th century, Mongolia has a diverse landscape. There are arid grasslands, tundra regions, sunny coastal areas, grasslands, snowy mountainous regions, Mongolia has it all. For any adventure seekers out there, this is the place for you to visit and explore. What could be better than the chance to witness a land like never seen before?

The Mongolian Steppe offers some exciting activities on a diverse range from camping to mountain biking. On your journey you can expect to see nomad families living in their traditional way, as well as herders, farmers, Chinese traders, merchants, nomad horses, wild goats, foxes, hyenas, lions, deer, buffaloes, deer, lions, tigers, etc. Travelers will also find an abundance of desert wildlife including cheetahs, gazelles, amateurs and professionals in ostrich farming, hot spot hunting, hot springs, sand tiger safaris, etc. This is an ideal place for those interested in photography, mountaineering, trekking, fly-fishing, hunting, cycling, horseback riding, etc.

While exploring the Mongolia Steppe you will come across the Khovsgol, Khiydar, Bugul, Xhumekha, borov, Kyunghora, Shekhov, Shetokh, Soyuz, Shashat, Tov, plus many other places. At higher altitudes the steppe offers spectacular scenery with rolling grasslands and vast empty spaces. These areas are called Khovsgol or “pot-belly”. At higher altitudes, the journey will be more challenging and travelers looking for a relaxed and peaceful trip will not be disappointed

At higher levels of the Mongolian Steppe you will find a mix of nomad cultures with modern amenities. For example at Bugul and Khiydar, you will find modern hotels, guesthouses and modern clinics with local doctors and other services. Hotels and guesthouses at Shekhov, Shetokh and Shashat will provide accommodation for westerners. At higher altitudes, travellers will experience the fantastic views of the sand dunes and mountains of Mongolia, which are a popular winter attraction for skiers.

The travel route of the Mongolian Steppe extends along the west and southwest sides of Ulan-Ude. From Ulan-Ude travellers can travel to Batagau or Bukit-Ural; from Bukit-Ural, it is an easy walk of just over one hour to reach the Gold Coast. However, if you are seeking the true culture and experience of Mongolia, then head straight to the capital and spend your vacation in the elegant cities of Karakoram or Taldy, where you will find authentic Asian shopping and nightlife.