Visa Information

A tourist visa is often necessary for people planning to visit the destination country. This is different from a business visa. Business visas generally involve a person coming to the country working in another country. But, a tourist visa does not require the person to start or operate a business while traveling in the country he is visiting. These are normally obtained by tourists in a country for whom they would like to conduct business.

It is important to understand the regulations for each of the different countries in which you would like to do business in. The regulations for each of these different countries vary according to their laws regarding immigration. There is a possibility of getting a tourist visa in a destination country only if the person is traveling there on business.

There are various tourist visas available for different countries in the world. Each visa may differ depending upon the laws governing immigration to that particular country. However, there is a common rule that all visas are granted on the basis of the nationality of the individual. For instance, if a South African travels to Japan and conducts business, it is likely to get a South African tourist visa. On the other hand, a Canadian would have to obtain a Canadian visa before traveling to Japan. In addition to the nationality requirement, the rules concerning immigration are also different in each country and these must be taken into consideration before getting a visa.

As mentioned above, there is a general rule that tourists visiting different countries for business purposes have to obtain an immigrant visa before they can stay in the country for a specific length of time. The length of time is decided by the authorities concerned. This type of visa is issued by an Immigration Department and then given to the applicant for his stay in the country. There are several types of immigration visas that may be applied for and they include:

The immigration office that is responsible for issuing a tourist visa will give you the details regarding the different categories of visas. They are:

The application form that has to be filled out by the applicant is called an Application for Visa or Green Card. If you plan to visit a country that has a different immigration system than the one you are used to, you will have to follow the rules and regulations applicable to the country where you wish to apply for your visa. If you are able to follow them correctly and submit the right form, you may be able to get your visa approved.