The Best Time To Enjoy A Ride Over The Lake Baikal

June 15, 2021

Located in the Southern Siberia close to the Mongolian frontier, within the Irkutsk Oblast and Buryatia, Lake Baikal is rightfully held as Russia’s most popular tourist attraction. It attracts a large number of travelers every year who come to enjoy the mesmerizing warmth of the water and the breathtaking views of its majestic mountains and villages. The lake lies on the confluence of three rivers namely the Maga River, the Chuvashka River and the Sukhumvit River. All these three rivers join to form the Baikal hydroelectricity station.

Travelers coming to this lake from Russia, Europe or other parts of the world visit Baikal to enjoy the thermal beauty of the Siberian tundra. The ideal time to visit this place from anywhere in the world is between May and September. At this time the snow that falls on the Siberian tundra starts to melt. The water that is melted by the melting snow looks sparkling and beautiful and Lake Baikal becomes the ideal place to enjoy sipping tea or coffee and watching the amazing sunsets. The Baikal’s most renowned landmark is the Hidden City. This is a modern architectural resort housing the largest collection of sited architecture in all of Russia.

The Baikal is home to a vast network of caves and caverns, which are populated with numerous animal species. Among the most visited attractions in Baikal is the cave of buryats. The most prominent attraction in this region is the Shekhov Stonehenge, which is a fascinating excavating project. The cave offers an opportunity to view the legendary resting place of the Siberian mammoth, the elk and deer as well as many other animals. You can even explore the remains of Ice age people who lived here many centuries back.

Another popular attraction in the region is the Shekhov Stonehenge, which is also known as the Black Gate of Baikal. Amongst all the attractions of Lake Baikal that make it an excellent travel destination, the list of must see attractions is endless. The top most attractions in Lake Baikal are:

A must visit attraction, the Arshanova River falls into Lake Baikal and is therefore one of the most popular destinations in Lake Baikal for tourists. It is also a popular trekking and camping destination for adventure enthusiasts. The highest point of the Arshanova is 1.6 meters above the water surface. To make the trek more exciting, the Vishinsky River Falls is a good option, which is at an elevation of around 5 meters. Tourists can also enjoy a boat ride over the Arshanova to admire its cascades.

The Buddhist Temple of Ulan-Ude is located at Ulan-Ude in the North of Mongolia. This Buddhist temple is located at the edge of Lake Baikal and hence it is accessible by road. One of the main attractions in Lake Baikal that attracts visitors from all over the world is the burial site of a well-known Buddhist monk called Burmese.

Besides the Buddhist monasteries, the best time to visit Lake Baikal for tourists visiting Russia is between May and October. The weather is mostly pleasant during this period and you will find a great variety and quantity of wildlife. The best time to visit the Buddhist monasteries is between May and October when the weather is mostly pleasant. Besides this, the best time to visit the Western shore of Baikal including the towns of Naryn and Shekhov as well as the capital Ulan-Ude is between June and August. During this period, the weather is often hot and you will find lots of wildlife and birds enjoying the warmth on the waters of Lake Baikal.

The third and last main attraction on the island is the Ulan-Ude town which serves as the headquarters of the Tibetan monastery of Ulan-Ude. This town also happens to be the capital of Mongolia. The most important attraction of Lake Baikal that Mongolia tourists should not miss out on is the experience of riding at the ‘karastan’ on the lake. Visitors from Russia, western shore of Russia and other parts of the world will surely be amazed by the stunning scenic views, the warm climate and the delightful scenery on the lake.