The Ferry Between Trelleborg and Rostock

April 4, 2021

The Trelleborg-Rostock ferry is a spectacular trip. If you are not familiar with this particular ferries service, it’s not very difficult to discover. It’s not so difficult that you would forget why you came to Denmark in the first place. The journey takes approximately three hours and a half. From Rostock, the ship docks in Trelleborg where you can enjoy the beautiful shoreline and local food. The ferry ride takes just over an hour and you can arrive at your resort by the afternoon.

The Trelleborg Island is only accessible by the small wooden boats that dock at the southwestern tip of the island. It has only room for 24 passengers but with the high peaks surrounding it, you can expect to have much more than that. The western part of the island has more hotels and shops compared to the eastern part. Since this is the main business district, visitors will find that it’s bustling with activity. The airport is also located in this district and there are plenty of international flights available into Denmark. In short, it’s quite possible for you to reach Trelleborg from any part of Europe.

Once you board the ferry, you will find yourself in a beautiful natural setting. The surrounding mountains provide stunning views of the countryside while the waters are lined with forested islands. The water temperature is 4 degrees warmer than the surrounding air, making the boat ride quite pleasurable.

The journey to Trelleborg Risskov bilsemester is quite lovely with the scenery constantly changing. The boat travels along the southern coastline of Denmark taking you to the magnificent Mount Pangestone. The view from here is simply breathtaking. The ferry also takes you to the nearby islands of Eben and Deutschland as well as Germany proper.

One of the major attractions of the ferry service is that you can use it to take a boat tour around the entire region. This is ideal for those who want to experience Trelleborg in all of its glory. The boat journeys take you through the spectacular scenery of this area. At the southern tip of the island, you will come across the Gullfjord. This is where the old district of Gudbrad castle can be found.

Once you get off the boat, you will find a fantastic restaurant. This restaurant offers dishes such as baked cod and prime rib. The restaurant is not very large so if you are not a fan of eating much in a public restaurant, you won’t have much to do here. In Trelleborg and Rostock, the ferry is the easiest way to see the region so be sure to schedule a trip on this route if you are planning a vacation here soon.