Beautiful Lake Garda

March 28, 2021

Beautiful Lake Garda is considered to be the crown jewel of the Adriatic. It is a serene, beautiful, and picturesque lake located in the province of Tuscany in Italy. Lake Garda is home to several attractions that draw hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Travelers come from all over Europe, North America, Australia, and even China to experience the scenic beauty of this lake. Travelers can enjoy beautiful sunsets, classical architecture, and shopping at one of the many shopping villages dotting the area. Vacationers can stay at some hotel accommodations such as villas, apartments, and vacation rentals that are located near the Lake Garda.

The town of Sirmione, in the south side, is primarily known for its spectacular crystal clear waters. At the south end of town, the city of Sirmione can be seen dominating the skyline with a series of Renaissance buildings. The surrounding Grotte de Catullo archaeological area features an ancient Roman villa. On the northwest side, Lake Garda can be seen dominating the landscape. One of the best things about traveling to the region is experiencing firsthand the beautiful towns of the lake.

While on vacation in Sirmione, travelers should not miss visiting the sump and piazza at Sirmione’s oldest neighborhood, Sirmione Old Town. The old town attractions include the Santa Maria Novella Church and St. John Cathedral. The lakeside is also home to a pedestrian bridge, known as the ‘boat bridge’ that links Grotte de Catulata to the mainland. Other local lake attractions include the Lake Como, Lake Garda as well as the shopping and eating malls, Piazza del Popolo and the Pantano del Valle.

For those traveling to the area on vacation, there are many wonderful choices for lodging. Hotel accommodations in Lake Garda and nearby towns vary from one to three stars, with each district offering something different. Hotels in Malcesine, Sirmione and the surrounding area offer attractive rates with many having packages to guests. Guests should check into the beautiful towns of Sirmione and Malcesine while they are on vacation as these towns provide some of the most charming old attractions.

One of the best things about Lake Garda and surrounding areas is the proximity to many of the attractions in the surrounding cities. These cities offer entertainment and dining options that guests will find both appealing and enjoyable. The beautiful town of Sirmione, Italy is one of Italy’s best preserved medieval towns while the charming old town of Malcesine is full of character and offers visitors plenty of attractions, shops, museums and galleries.

Lake Garda has a number of fabulous water activities for visitors to try out during their stay. Two of the most popular lakes that one could visit are Riva lake and the Limone River. Riva lake has been the venue for a number of Italian movies, including “The Godfather” and “Asteria.” While on this lake, be sure to try out the restaurants in the area, which offer a wide range of cuisine. Limone River is where you’ll find some of the finest fishing available as well as a host of other water sports.

While on vacation, take time to visit the museums in these two towns. One such area is the Museo Civico in Riva del garda; this 15th century church is constructed from local stone and is beautifully adorned with frescoes depicting scenes from ancient Italy. Another great stop would be the Uffizi Museum, which offers great works of art by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and other Renaissance artists. Make sure to stop by the Uffizi Museum when in town to see the Vitruvian man painted by Michelangelo.

One of the best things about vacationing in these beautiful towns is that there is plenty of room to explore. Many families come back to this region every year and spend time taking in all that this region has to offer. When going back to Italy with your loved ones, you can also take some time to explore the local markets, where you will find incredible bargains on a hand made goods, antiques and exquisite meals. Italian food is something that is hard to beat and is something that you won’t want to miss once you’ve gotten away from your hectic lifestyle for one day.