Top Tourist Attractions In Ljubljana

May 7, 2021

You must visit Ljubljana, the Slovenia’s capital and head to Ljubljana city to check out its beautiful Old Town Square. You can clearly see it in the city of Ljubljana, which is just 10 kilometers from. However, travel to Ljubljana nowadays is more than just the sum of it’s beautiful Old Town Square, which most don’t look past, thus setting a proper course for vacationing to Ljubljana. You will find luxury hotels in Ljubljana, which cater to travelers who are there on vacation.

Ljubljana, Slovenia has more than Old Town Square. The city center is a vibrant one with a skyline filled with tall buildings and pulsing with life. There are museums, theaters, parks, palaces and churches. You will also be able to see the famous oil painting, Lake Bled, situated in the City Center. You will be able to experience the authentic Slovenian atmosphere, while experiencing the authentic way of life in Ljubljana. Here are some of the main attractions you should see when you travel to Ljubljana:

The most important and popular tourist attraction is Ljubljana’s Old Town Square. If you are into old shopping areas and have a sweet tooth, you must see the Ljubljana Central Market. You will be able to find everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Besides the traditional food, you can also enjoy wine tasting, local delicacies, traditional furniture and a lot more. The annual wine tasting festival is also an ideal time to visit the ljubljanas.

The Castle on the Hill is a unique tourist attraction, you should definitely be able to see during your trip to Ljubljana. It is located at the top of a hill surrounded by woods. The view from the castle is magnificent as well as terrifying. It is said that the souls of those killed by the World Wardens who once lived in this castle are still trapped inside the castle itself. The experience is truly terrifying!

Another popular attraction in Ljubljana, you should definitely see during your trip is Mestnica Trg, or Stone Bridge. It is a walk over the bridge spanning the Mestni River. This is the main access point for people traveling to their Gora, or Golden City, as it is known in a different name. Mestnica Trg is also the location where you will find the legendary leaning tower of Dubrovnik. If you like the idea of a leaning tower with a view of the Mestni River, then you should visit Ljubljana.

To get to Mestnica Trg, you should definitely rent a car or a minibus. You will find several transportation options in and around Ljubljana, but a car or a minibus is generally the best option in terms of convenience as well as affordability. There are also several train stations in and around the Slovenia region, so you should definitely use trains when you come to visit Ljubljana. If you are wondering where the name Mestnica comes from, it is based on a legend that when the virgin Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus set out on a journey, they came across a shipwrecked mariner, who was called Mestnica.

When you are done touring the region, you should definitely head to the capital, Ljubljana. You can start your trip to the capital from any of the major tourist cities, such as Bratislava, Cerkno, Maribor, Pohorje and Slovenia. However, if you want to see the most picturesque part of Slovenia, you should go to the old town of Ljubljana. The archipelago of Ljubljana consists of three large islands, which are Sinterska, Hvarund, and Vltava. You can even take a boat ride to the archipelago.

When you visit Ljubljana, you should definitely pay a visit to the Night Bazaar, which is a traditional market where people sell their goods for cheap, during the Night. You can even buy souvenirs at the Night Bazaar, such as Slovenian glass or ceramic, but you should be prepared to spend a good amount of money doing so. The Night market is open from Wednesday to Sunday and has some of the best food and wine you will find in Slovenia. Tourists also love the atmosphere of the Night Bazaar, which is filled with traditional costumes, typical Slovenian fare, and foreign wares.