What to do when visiting Swedish Lapland

August 15, 2020
Swedish Lapland

Despite the cold weather, with average winter temperatures of around -15 degrees Celsius and lows of up to -40 degrees Celcius, Swedish Lapland is still one of the greatest places to visit in the world. Of course, it is not all cold, and you can enjoy hot saunas and spa visits in your hotel. But if you venture out, there are a whole host of activities that you can take part in.


There are many places to visit and activities to take part in when you come to Swedish Lapland, no matter what time of the year you visit. However, one of the best places to use as your base for exploring Sami culture is the town of Kiruna. Come in the summer to see the midnight sun. While in the winter, prepare to be awed by the magical northern lights.

Where to stay

Kiruna boasts a multitude of places to stay, but for the discerning visitor, one may pay a visit to the unusual Camp Ripan hotel in Kiruna. Every room is a cosy private cabin where you can relax in style. If you are looking for adventure, then try some of the activities organised by Camp Ripan including northern lights tours, dog-sledding, snowmobile and wildlife tours, cross-country skiing, culinary adventures and more, depending on the season.