The Chernobyl Ghost Town of Pripyat

March 7, 2021

You can visit Pripyat, a town in Ukraine filled with ghosts and romance since the Chernobyl disaster. This picturesque town was devastated by the disaster, when an explosion took place in the nuclear power plant there. Thousands of people lost their lives and many more suffered serious health conditions as a result of this catastrophe.

A Pripyat guided tour will enable you to get an insight into life in the area following the catastrophe. A variety of sights are available to be seen in Pripyat such as the abandoned villages and townships, forests and national parks. You will see people still carrying out their daily activities even though the streets have been blocked off. A Pripyat guide will take you on a walking tour of some of the most popular sights. If you like you can stay overnight in one of the hotels that are available in Pripyat.

During your visit to Pripyat a tour operator may suggest taking part in a radiation clean-up activity. In fact more than half of the people in Pripyat need to regularly do this special clean-up as a safety measure. Radiation contamination caused by the disaster is still visible even today. The lack of concrete left over from the wrecked nuclear plant has caused the radiation to seep into the earth. This has caused the levels of contamination to increase.

If you are visiting in autumn, a Pripyat guided tour can help you to witness the beauty of Nature at its most beautiful. At these times of the year the flowers that abound are breathtaking. The unique architecture in the area, dating back to the Ukraine era, is also a sight to behold. Many of the buildings have graffiti from previous centuries, covering the walls. The environment of Pripyat is very diverse and it is possible to come across something of interest no matter what time of year you visit.

While on a Pripyat guided tour you will be able to explore Pripyat’s main shopping area. You can purchase local crafts such as jewelry, pottery, souvenirs and books. These shops stay open until the evening. If you wish to purchase anything from the shops that remain open until late you must speak to the tour operator beforehand. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine.

You will be able to tour the local zoo. The majority of the zoo animals are native to the area and there are many activities and displays to entertain your family. There are also several rides for children. As well as all of the animals there are also many educational exhibits that your children will enjoy.

For a great trip to the theater you should plan to visit a number of popular cultural events. These can include the ballet, opera, comedy concerts, folk festivals, classical shows and workshops. The entire festival season runs throughout August to September. If you have planned your trip to Privyat carefully you should be able to attend many of these events without any problems. However there are certain events that are held only once a year and if you want to attend them you will have to wait. Some of these include the Children’s Theatre Festival and the Russian Theatre Festival.

A trip to Privyat is incomplete without visiting the Ghost Village. Privyat’s Ghost Village is an interactive museum where you can walk through the damaged remains of the village. This interactive experience combines ghost stories with environmental science. Many visitors come for the ghost stories and are disappointed when they discover that the ghost stories do not tell their story. If you would like to know more about this fascinating attraction you can speak to a Privyat operator.