Things To Do in Kiruna, Sweden

November 14, 2020

Kiruna in Sweden is one of the most visited cities in northern Sweden by tourists from all over the world. This charming little town is known for its large LKAB iron ore mine as well as the underground museum and visitors’ centre with an exhibit on metal mining. Hjallmar Linderhundrden, the former residence of the first managing director of LKAB, is now a popular museum with a courtyard photo exhibit. The Kiruna church is noted for its impressive bell tower and likeness to that of the wooden huts of the native Sámi people

Travel to Kiruna, Sweden and enjoy all the excitement and fun that you can from this beautiful little city. The major attractions in this part of Sweden are the great old architecture, museums, beautiful countryside and wonderful shopping centres. In addition there are the LAB airport, a train station and a ferry service from Stockholm.

One of the main attractions is the Old Town. This is made up of many cobbled streets which are lined with cafes, restaurants and hotels. There is also a beautiful archway that gives an excellent view of the Old Town. The old street markets and cobbled streets provide excellent shopping opportunities. The main shopping centres include the Market Kiruna which has a wide range of items and offers many traditional shops. There is also the Motala Market which is similar but much more modern and has a wide selection of stalls. A visit to LKAB is recommended and there are also a number of other tourist places in the area.

Another interesting attractions is the LKAB Museum which provides many examples of local crafts such as pottery and metalwork. It is also home to many historical artifacts and a beautiful library. The museum is very popular and it is always free to visit. Kiruna is very close to Malmo, Gothenburg and Sweden’s capital Stockholm.

There are also several museums in Kiruna. The Kiruna Folk Museum is dedicated to the historic indigenous culture of the Kiruna People. The museum also contains a replica of a traditional Swedish church. The Kiruna Museum is also featuring a natural reserve.

Tourists will enjoy plenty to see in this popular place, which means they will have lots of time to explore. The town of Kiruna is situated in the mountains. It is one of the best places in northern Sweden for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. There are many other popular attractions in the area including a national park, a ski resort and a nature reserve.