A Road Trip in Europe

December 24, 2020

Driving in Europe offers the ideal opportunity to see uncrowded delights and unspoiled corners, while still ensuring that you get a fair chance to hit on some of the most spectacular bucket list destinations on the European continent. At first glance, planning a road trip in Europe may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you are just starting out with your dream of seeing the country. However, with a little planning beforehand, you can make a trip to some of its most popular destinations quite manageable. A great tip is to visit the Swedish website Bilsemester.net about traveling by car i Europe, if you understand Swedish ofcourse.

The first step to take when planning your road trips in Europe is deciding on your ideal destinations. Europe has a great deal to offer, and so it is not necessary to cover each and every place. For instance, if you are interested in visiting a number of castles, then your first stop would be the French region of Provence-Normandy. You can also try the Spanish region of Galicia for some fun-filled escapades along some of its beautiful canals. Other popular routes for road trips across Europe would include Scandinavia, which is to be found in places like Finland, Iceland or Norway.

If you are interested in the cultural attractions of Europe, then there are various regions that you could try. The best route for such an excursion would be the northwestern route, which starts in Passau, Switzerland and goes all the way to Berlin, Germany. A number of attractions dot the route, including the world’s tallest Gothic cathedral, as well as several castles. Some other popular stops on this route include Cologne, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The northern part of this route actually covers quite a few countries and thus you are given a wide variety of attractions to choose from.

Another popular route for a road trip with our driving tips is the Swedish route, which begins in Stockholm, Sweden and covers most of the northern part of Scandinavia. Some of the popular attractions of this route include Stockholm city walls, Stockholm Opera House, Royal Palace, Uppsala Cathedral and more. Apart from Scandinavia, this route also includes the Baltic countries, such as Latvia, Estonia, and Vilnius, as well as Germany, where some popular attractions include Berlin, Dusseldorf and Bavaria.

Road trips to Scandinavia also include the beautiful Danish island of Skokkloster, which is known for its large collections of caves. This route also covers the country of Denmark, which is well known for its castles and palaces, including the famous Brandstad castle. The Danish language is one of the official languages of the country and this makes it even easier to converse with locals. In addition to these tourist attractions, there are many more things to see and do in Scandinavian countries. Some of the popular destinations include Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

As we said, Road trips to Scandinavia allow tourists to take a peak at the spectacular scenery in these countries. One of the most popular sights in Scandinavia is the Lake Baringo, which is a natural reservoir fed by melting ice caps. It is a perfect location for swimming, skiing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, rafting, fishing and more. For those who want to experience the outdoors and appreciate it’s beauty, self-drive tours of Scandinavia offer you the best opportunities.

Another popular attraction in Scandinavia is the full circle iceland, a route around the country that takes visitors through a variety of locations that is lined with mountains, farmhouses and castles. One of the most popular places to visit during a self-drive tour is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Its modern architecture and beautiful buildings attract many visitors and this city has a number of attractions such as the Royal Palace, the Central Station and the Castle Church.

Denmark is another popular destination among tourists. Danish architecture is known for its unique style and the most popular landmarks in this country include the Copenhagen Castle, Frederik’s Church and the National Gallery. When you get back to Sweden after your Road trip in Europe, you can enjoy the amazing scenery in Finland’s countryside or fly over to Iceland to enjoy the fjords and ice-capped volcanoes. Nordic car rentals can give you a complete tour of Europe without leaving any stone unturned. You can arrange your car hire in Europe either with a local driver or online, depending on your preferences.