Bulgaria – A Wonderful Experience

February 8, 2021

Travel to Bulgaria is a great experience. Sofia is the capital city of the Balkan country of Bulgaria. It is in the southwest of the country, next to the Caspian Sea. The city boasts many landmarks reflecting more than 2,500 years of architecture, starting from the sixth century. Some of its attractions include St. George Cathedral, Old Town, Modern Bulgarian Architecture and Sofia City Museum.

The old city of Sofia is located on the Pirin Mountains. It is the oldest part of Sofia. It has a beautiful medieval facade. The Cathedral, Basilica of St. Sofia, St. Nicholas Cathedral, St. Gregory’s Cathedral, National Museum and Gallery, Russian Orthodox Church and National Gallery are some of its tourist attractions. The Modern Bulgarian Architecture reflecting the greatest qualities of Bulgarian art, architecture and psychology is combined with the historical and modern settings. The ancient church architecture and stately homes are a plus.

St. George Cathedral is one of the most striking and important Gothic cathedrals in Europe. Tourists often admire the impressive artworks inside the cathedral. It offers magnificent views of Sofia River. This part of the city offers different sightseeing options such as river cruise, trips on the Sofia Bridge, visiting St. George Cathedral, Prahova Valley, etc.

To be a tourist in Sofia, you should have knowledge about all the places as they come up. Sofia has many picturesque sights that will be enjoyable and educational for your travel. From the breathtaking scenery, marvelous monuments, beautiful botanical gardens and extraordinary architectural buildings, Sofia presents a great variety of attractions. Most of them are open day and night, so that you can enjoy your stay at any time you want.

If you want to see the picturesque landscapes of Sofia, you should visit the City Center, which is an exciting place where you can see modern and traditional examples of architecture from the Hellenistic period to the period of post-communist renovation. You can also see modern art in many of the museums. At the same time, you can visit the museums of History, Literature and Art. Besides, there are many exciting activities that you can do here.

Apart from that, you can enjoy the recreational activities and clubs of Sofia. These clubs offer great opportunities to meet people and mingle with their friends. The most popular clubs are Bulgarian National Bar Association, the Golden Globe clubs, Skopelitsa club and Sofia bar club. These clubs cover a large part of Sofia and let you enjoy your life among many people.

When it comes to shopping, you have plenty of choices. Sofia is a big city and you can easily see all the shopping stores and boutiques in one place. So, you can easily shop around if you want to find the best prices. If you are on a shopping spree and you don’t want to go out, you should visit Plovdiv. This city has several great and beautiful markets.

The last thing that you need to see while planning your travel to Bulgaria is a tour of its history and monuments. Sofia was founded by Bulgarian Empire in 17Bulgarian years. It has several impressive monuments and historical sites. Among them the most popular ones are Arch of Triumph, Golden Horn, Monastery of St. Nicholas, Town Hall, City Bridge, Saint Nicholas Church, etc. All these places are the finest tourist attractions. Thus, if you are really interested in a vacation tour to Bulgaria, don’t forget to visit these places.

Another must see location is Bulgarian National Museum. Here you will get to see the works of renowned artists. Besides, you will also find the remains of the medieval Bulgarian city walls. In other words, you will be able to learn more about the culture of the city.

When you are already in Sofia, you should visit another must see places is the Prahova Valley. Here you will be able to see the remnants of the medieval era, the remains of the medieval Bulgarian city walls, the Prahova River and the surrounding scenery. Therefore, you will definitely love this trip.

Don’t forget to visit the historical city of Svetagegrad. Here you will see many monuments and churches. Also, you can visit the modern city of Sargodovets as well. So, getting all this information can be very useful for your vacation. So, what are you waiting for?